Canoe Rentals


Are you planning your own water adventure in Revelstoke but need to rent a canoe? Look no further! We can provide as many canoes, paddles, and life jackets as you need and also recommend where is best to go!

Each canoe will fit between 2-4 people (two seated and two people sitting on the bottom). You can rent the canoe for a full (all day, return by 5pm unless otherwise arranged) or half day (up to 4 hours).

If you need to make a special request or have questions, please contact us prior to booking.


Canoe Rental Full Day: $150
Canoe Rental Half Day: $85
Overnight, multi-day canoe rentals: Contact us
Short distance canoe drop: $25

Please call +1 (866) 929-3539 or e-mail for bookings. 


Do you offer canoeing tours?

Yes, we do! You can read about our canoeing tours here. We will take you to the places the tourists don't know about. We provide all the gear and the shuttle, so exploring the Revelstoke area by canoe is as simple as the views are stunning.

Please use the booking form below to contact us about bookings.