"How to Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams"

Move forward. Follow your vision.
Look forward to dreams.
Believe in the impossible.
Do what you love.
Invite someone adventurous for tea and muffins.
Remember the passion in their eyes.
Capture your energy.  Be enthusiastic.
Break the hold of what is considered safe.
Believe in yourself. Sow the right seeds.
Turn over rocks along the seashore.
Watch children play. Play more. Worry less. Power nap.
Have wild imaginings.
Make little Post-it notes that say
"Do it now" and tape them all over the place.
Recognize the power of coincidence.
Sit on the grass. Touch the earth.
Get your hands dirty. Create impact.
Read everyday.
Surround yourself with people who want to win.
Believe in the moment.
Open up. Dive in. Express our fear.
Celebrate adversity.
Emerge. Become. Entertain. Consider. Risk.
Harvest your thoughts.
You become what you think about.
Acknowledge yourself.
Discover you inner child.
Imagine yourself unstoppable.
Dream. Think. Believe. Dare.

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