Top-Rope Tuesdays

Top-rope Tuesday adventures cater for a variety of individuals: they are ideal for absolute beginners who have never climbed before, those who have a general idea of climbing but need a bit more instruction to build confidence, and those who have the experience but lack the equipment or wheels to enjoy their hobby to the full.

Every Tuesday we take a group out to the surrounding crags of Revelstoke, mainly visiting Begbie Bluffs, Shaketown or Mulvehil Creek.

What’s the big deal about climbing in Revelstoke?

We believe that Revelstoke has some of the best climbing in the whole of Canada. It boasts 14 climbing areas within easy driving distance, 46 well-developed cliffs and over 300 different routes. The scenery that goes along with these cliffs is simply stunning.

What are we going to learn and do?

We cater to the groups current experience. You will learn about climbing safety, tying the figure of eight knot, how to safely belay and, not to forget, you’ll also climb a whole bunch! We will give you pointers to improve your climbing technique and help you push your grade. It’ll be a blast!

How much does it cost?

Daily climbing: $150

Evening climbing: $65

Lunch is an additional $15.

What do I need to wear and bring?

Wear loose but comfortable clothing.
Long sleeves and pants to ward off mosquitoes
Walking boots for the trek from the car park to the cliff
Pack for the weather: sunglasses, sun hat, rain jacket
Bug spray
What is included?

All gear rental is included in the price! We will provide everything you will need, including: helmets, harnesses, metal gear, and rock shoes.

Do you guys know what you’re doing?

Absolutely! We have a professional team of certified ACMG and TRCI guides. They are the crème de la crème of climbing safety and instruction, so trust me, you are in safe hands!

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