Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

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The Wilderness First Responder program provides great medical training for leaders in remote areas including outdoor educators, guides, military, professional search and rescue teams, researchers, and those involved in disaster relief. The curriculum is comprehensive and practical. It includes the essential principles and skills required to assess and manage medical problems in isolated and extreme environments for days and weeks if necessary.

Wilderness based training modality and mindset. The programs are typically 80 hour training standards and some of the programs’ curricula are based on trip preparation and improvisation. They do not meet the standards set by WSBC for use in the workplace.  They do not provide all of the necessary skills for non-urban or urban work. That said they are good programs for those that work exclusively in the back country.  It includes CPR in the curricula and epinephrine training. There are a variety of different protocols that are approved and provided by a wide range of international medical doctors that are different from the the OFA, NUEC 3 & NUOFA 3 first aid courses.

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Courses available for 2018:

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How do I book?

Please call +1 (866) 929-3539 or e-mail info@flexpeditions.com for bookings.


We accept personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders, email transfers to info@flexpeditions.com and most major credit cards. Please make personal cheques and cashier's cheques out to 'Flexpeditions Inc.'. If you would like to use a wire transfer, please contact us for details.

In the event that you are unable to join us, the following guidelines will apply. All deposits include a $150 non-refundable registration fee. Full refunds, less registration fee, will be provided 30 days prior to the trip date. 50% refunds will be provided 15 days prior to trip date, no refunds will be provided after the 15 day mark of your trip/course date. Cancellations made in good time can be transferred to another course, just call.

If your course is cancelled:
If, for any reason, Flexpeditions has to cancel your trip/course, all deposits and trip payments will be refunded in full, or, are fully transferable to another course. Flexpeditions will not be responsible for any costs associated with cancellations including, but not limited to: flight cancellation fees, flight change fees, and/or associated lodging and meal fees.