Lower Stikine River Canoe Expeditions

Explore one of
the last wild rivers
in British Columbia!





Paddle down one of the last wild rivers in Canada, and experience awesome in the true sense of the word with the vast wilderness, flat, but fast flowing mighty river respected and remote and away from the hustle of many other river trips.

Feel the call of the wild. Explore northern BC to Alaska, USA over 2 weeks of paddling and reconnecting with your surroundings, yourself and your company in a remote, wilderness expedition canoe mission on the Lower Stikine River.

Lower Stikine River Canoe Expeditions

The Stikine River

The Stikine River is considered to be one of the last wild rivers in British Columbia. It is known as the 'Great River' by the native Tlingit people and part of it is thought of as the Grand Canyon of Canada.

The river is one of the fastest flowing in North America and begins in Northern British Columbia and outlets in Alaska.

It is a wild river, approximately 610km long, and has class 5 rapids. The river has abundant wildlife, outstanding views of varying landscapes, hot springs, and hundreds of glaciers along its meandering path.

The Stikine River is thought to be one of the most diverse and dramatic canoeable rivers on the West Coast and is one of the last genuine wild rivers in British Columbia.

Flexpeditions offers you the chance to explore the lower portion of the Stikine river on a 2-week long canoe expedition.

We will begin in the arid and warm climate of the Cassier Mountains around Telegraph Creek and then canoe into the coastal rainforest of the Coastal Mountains and eventually arrive close to Wrangell, Alaska on the Pacific Coast.

This expedition is an all inclusive, fully catered, outfitted and guided moving water, wilderness canoe trip.

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Previous canoe experience is necessary. Intermediate paddlers preferred but you can be a novice paddler. On some days you will be paddling up to 6 hours a day. Please give us a call on +1 (866) 929-3539 if you're unsure as to your canoeing ability. 

This is a physically demanding trip in terms of days and remoteness. The water it not technical, but it is fast moving water.

Some wilderness tripping or camping skills preferred. A positive mindset is compulsory 🙂

Transportation Info

The canoe launch point is at Telegraph Creek, BC. You can either make your own way there or fly to Prince Rupert. We have a shuttle that will collect you from the airport in Prince Rupert and drive you to Telegraph Creek. 

We canoe down from Telegraph Creek, down the Lower Stikine River to Wrangell in Alaska. We will then take a ferry on the Pacific Ocean from Wrangell, Alaska, USA to Prince Rupert, BC, Canada. 


Expedition Info

Launch Dates: 
End of August 2020
Early September 2020

$4450 + GST / person.
Book by July 18th, 2019. 

Start point: Telegraph Creek, Northern BC
Finish point: Wrangell Island, Alaska
Days: 14 days
Ages: 16+ (parental consent required for anyone 19 and below)
Skill level: Beginner, but intermediate preferred
Trip size: 8 guests per trip

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Lower Stikine River Canoe Expeditions


Lower Stikine River Canoe Expeditions

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Previous Trip Testimonies

In the summer of 2016 we sent a group of people to Northern British Columbia to explore the Lower Stikine River. For them, it was a trip of a lifetime and one they will always remember. You can read about their Trip Diary here

Barry"The Stikine River is a place unlike anywhere I have ever been. It takes wilderness and remoteness to a new level for me. The changing landscape, beauty of the views and overwhelming wildlife is enough to leave anyone speechless and forever changed. The steadily flowing river through the arid Cassier Range into the lush Coastal Mountains and out onto the Pacific Coast, is a provider of endless opportunities for growth and reflection.

From the time on the river to the endless number of camping spots along the way to the numerous unique and exciting features along the river, it is impossible to leave the Stikine without feeling like a new person. I have never experienced anything as beautiful and moving as the Stikine River and I am forever grateful for every perfect moment I had on it."

- Barry, Lower Stikine River Expedition 2016


"As a water-lover at heart, I could spend an entire lifetime making metaphors of the river to life. Jumping in a canoe to actually experience the sensation of “arriving” to the ocean (having flushed out from the lower Stikine after nearly two weeks on the water) was and is something that will forever remain beyond words.

Instead of thinking too much about, just do as Amy Flexman does and jump at the opportunity to explore! It’s about "connecting outside." And in doing so, you find something so powerful, so beautiful, and so peaceful living within. As the famous quote states, “Individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”"

- Jessica, Lower Stikine River Expedition 2016

Watch the video from the 2016 Expedition made by Jack Ryan: