March Break Big Mountain Riding with Flexpeditions in 2009

Colin Kirkley, Age 16,  on his BC March Break Big Mountain Riding Flexpeditions in 2009

Best trip I've ever been on hands down.

Kicking Horse didn't have too much snow until the fifth and last day we were there when it dumped 60cm of white fluffy pow. Everyone was so excited that bringing a cam must have slipped our minds. Ripping through the thigh deep snow made this one of the best days of the trip. This made it pretty hard to leave that night for Revelstoke but I had heard really good things about it so it wasn't quite as hard to leave all that delicious powder behind. The entire drive through Rogers Pass it was snowing like crazy but a laptop and a few ski movies helped us pass the time. Once we got to our cabins around midnight everyone seemed pretty tired and just wanted to sleep but all I could do was stay up and wonder how Revelstoke would compare to Kicking Horse. The next day when we arrived at the base of the mountain I felt a little regretful and a little bit like I was going to cry. The entire base of Revelstoke was dirt.

I thought "how could this be!" everyone I had talked to said that "If Kicking Horse gets 10cm then Revelstoke will get 20cm." and yet this seemed all backwards to me. So with a fake smile on my face I rode up the first gondola. Still though getting on the second the conditions had barley become ridable but as the gondola went up higher my expression changed from a look of utter disappointment to a look of awe.

It was like looking into every pillow section I've ever seen. Left and right there were insane pillow lines and bent over trees that you could tell people had jibbed. There were even a few worthy cliffs right below the gondola. So already Revelstoke had my attention and when I stepped out of the gondola and flopped my skis into powder that was just below knee deep i was really excited. We skied to the third lift we had to take to get as close as we could to the top and once we got off at the highest point a chair could take us I knew that I was in my favourite place in the world.

Revelstoke is the coolest place I've ever been to in my life because of its glade skiing and feeling of exploration, its lack of boundaries and rules. My ski guide told me that he's finding brand new places he's never been to before just about every day at Revelstoke. Every turn you're making through the trees is an adventure because you never know what you might come across weather that be an armpit deep powder stash or a cliff or a pillow line that you find your self dropping down, its all completely different and the entire time I was there I never took the same line twice weather I stomped it or not. Every time you ride the chair you look at the person next to you and you're the same. Everyone looks like they there having the greatest time of their lives and for me that is already more than a good enough reason to go back.*


*Side note - Colin did return for another ski adventure with his brother a couple years after the trip as he is hooked on powder!


March Break Big Mountain Riding with Flexpeditions in 2009March Break Big Mountain Riding with Flexpeditions in 2009


March Break Big Mountain Riding with Flexpeditions in 2009