Jim Coffey


Davidson, QC

Esprit Rafting

Jim lit the flame for Amy’s passion for Flexpeditions over the years. Amy met Jim first in 2002, riverboarding down the Ottawa River with her Dad on a mystery road trip and she hasn’t looked back! That year, Amy was enrolled in the WILD program and spent 3 months traveling with Jim through Ontario, Quebec, the USA and Mexico forming the basis for Amy’s love of whitewater and outdoor expeditions. Amy guided for Jim and Esprit in Canada and internationally exploring Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Costa Rica opening her eyes to many new rivers, cultures and explorations. After moving out to B.C. Amy continued to guide spring seasons at Esprit Rafting, believing in the small and mighty, professional river guiding outfit that Jim had established. The two continued to support each other’s programs over the years, bringing classes and groups to work together and inspire others through outdoor adventures and explorations upon rivers and land, and even delivering powerful sweatlodge celebrations. Amy later invited Jim to help lead a very successful 2 week Eco-Adventure Discovery and Mountaineering Program in Mexico with her senior Outdoor Education and Leadership School Group in 2009. Their friendship and professional ventures continue to come together and support each other over the years.

It is an honour to have Jim Coffey a part of the Flexpeditions team.