The Preamble: Two Gals, One Canoe

It’s like the lesson of the entire trip (lifetime, even!) happened before I even left Revelstoke.

Or my home, for that matter.

Getting to Jon’s for breakfast, I realize I how I have forgotten my lifejacket, something most people refer to as a “PFD” (meaning personal flotation device). But, because my head is always so far up my, you know where, due to my overload of work, projects, and computer stuff, I constantly call the thing my…


Happening daily, providing much humour to everyone on the trip (especially myself), I think this anecdote is a worthy highlight before diving deeper into this journey. Especially if we use Amy Flexman as our lead guide (or example) for this one.

Flowing out of the womb a river lover, Amy has dreamt of travelling down the Stikine her entire life. But she is actually not here with us today - the day we are leaving for the trip - because she has committed herself to working in Quebec to provide for all of us to experience the Stikine instead.

“I'm an ultra-sensitive caring person, and want the best for everyone else, often putting myself last,” she later reveals to me in a personal sharing over email.

While the key to staying afloat – both on the water and off – is doing precisely… the opposite… One can only care for others if they have first taken care of themselves

This proves to be painfully challenging for gals like Amy and I. (And it is why, when we first met, it was instantly like coming out of the forest to a confluence, seeing two powerful rivers meet. Marrying at the minds, whether we knew it at the time or not, we joined forces for a lifetime of adventure.) Always caring for others before ourselves, both Amy and I tend to be too Flexible in making sure everyone is having a blast…

But this is one way to have your head underwater, fast.

Moral of the story?

  1. Always remember your life jacket.
  2. Put yourself in a canoe with people who have your back when you don’t.

It is from the bottom, deepest, purest place of my soul I thank Amy Flexman with Flexpeditions for making this journey of a lifetime possible. It is an honour to be a reflection of a woman so purely a reflection of Mother Nature, and the river Herself. Always giving. Loving unconditionally. And living in trust.

It’s a story, of a story of a story…

Now, to take the plunge.