Revelstoke Outdoor Adventure Race Day


Date: Saturday May 19th 2018

Revelstoke Outdoor Adventure Race Day with mini Night Fest

How does it work?

People can sign up in teams of 4, 2 or solo. Everyone on the team has to complete the list of 9 assigned outdoor adventure activies and gain points for your team with every activity, plus participate in a rad day of outdoor adventure in a beautiful, Canadian Outdoor Mecca.


Where do the profits go?

The race will run annually and rotate where 50% of the profits go. Open Mountains Project is the first year donation receiving group. Getting kids outside and experiencing top notch outdoor adventure activities in the great outdoors for FREE! 😊

Entry Fees

Team Price: $

Duo Price:   $

Solo Price:   $



This race showcases/highlights the activities that happen during the Revelstoke Outdoor Adventures Week that Flexpeditions offers.

The Events

1) Axe Throw at Registration to Start with a set amount of points.                   (Peak Axe Throwing)
2) Run Up to Mid Station (grab a number                                                               (Helios Running Club)
3) Pipe Down (points at end of every activity                                                         (RMR)
4) Bike to Williamson Lake                                                                                         (Wandering Wheels)
5) SUP Around Williamson Lake                                                                                (Stoke Paddleboard)
6) Kayak Roll Attempt                                                                                                  (Flexpeditions)
7) Run to Canoe                                                                                                            (Flexpdns/Glacier Hs)
8) Road Bike Back to RMR                                                                                           (Revy Cycling Ass’n)
9) Finish with a Climb (climbing wall – ring bell!)                                                     (Flexpeditions) – set up at the base of the Gondola at RMR corral

Revelstoke Outdoor Adventure Race Day